KANAKAVARSHINI KAMAKSHE TRUST has been established solely for religious and charitable purposes, and not with a commercial or profit motive. Its main objective is to contribute towards the renovation and maintenance of any temple. Construct Meditation and Prayer Halls, to facilitate the performance of periodical and seasonal Poojas for the benefit and well-being of general public. Financial assistance to Institutes undertaking the performance of the last rites and funereal for the underprivileged, poor and those below the poverty line. Conduct marriages for the poor. Scholarships for students, Vocational training for destitutes, Annadanam for the starving, Building and maintaining homes for the aged.


Geetu Watts visits ( Single Teacher Night School ) at Perathur Village & Conducted Hayagrivar Homam at Velammal School at Panchavadi.



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